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*Help us raise 5K towards our new X-ray*

We are fast approaching a landmark milestone of helping our 5,000th patient! In honor of this achievement we have set a goal to raise $5,000 towards purchasing a new x-ray machine. Our current X-ray has been down for months and has become a strain on our staff and our rescue partners! This equipment is crucial to us and needed practically on a daily basis. Please consider helping us take a step towards this goal by donating today!

Donate: Price List

Accepted Physical Donations

*physical donations are made available to fosters and our rescue partners to take as needed at no charge*

  • Gently used towels and blankets (please, no pillows, mattress covers/fitted sheets or blankets with stuffing)

  • Unopened dog and cat food

  • Cat  litter

  • Leashes/collars

**our space to house donations is limited so if you are planning to drop off physical donations please call us ahead of time to confirm that we are currently able to accept your donations**

Why Donate?

Donations help us grow as a clinic, and allow us to continue offering such low pricing for procedures, medications and exams.

"Saving an animal might not change the whole world, but it did for that animal."


Ways To Donate

Any physical donations can be brought in or mailed to us at 2141 Ten-Ten Rd, Apex, NC 27539.

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