Current donations are helping us raise money to purchase new items needed in our clinic, including:​

  • Pouring tips for Isoflurane bottles

  • Anesthesia monitoring machine

  • New surgery instruments 

  • Electrocautery unit

  • ​Upgrades for our lobby




Accepted Physical Donations

*physical donations are made available to fosters and our rescue partners to take as needed at no charge*

Why Donate?

Donations help us grow as a clinic, and allow us to continue offering such low pricing for procedures, medications and exams.

"Saving an animal might not change the whole world, but it did for that animal."

  • Gently used towels and bedding

  • Unopened dog and cat food

  • Cat  litter

  • Crates, bowls, toys

  • Leashes/collars

  • Pee pads, diapers, pet cleaning supplies


Ways To Donate

Any physical donations can be brought in or mailed to us at 2141 Ten-Ten Rd, Apex, NC 27539.