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How We Operate

At Harmony Animal Rescue Clinic, we only work with other 501c3 rescue groups and animal welfare organizations. Partnership with us is a pretty easy process but does require some forms to be completed and proof of 501c3 status sent.  The forms can be found at the bottom of this page!

Once you become a partner with us you will be able to start scheduling appointments with us! We typically only schedule requests made directly from the rescue and their representatives, however, upon request from the rescue we can also schedule directly with fosters and adopters of your animals. We use Slack as our primary source of communication. It's easy to download and use. You will get an invite link from us via email. If Slack is not convenient to you, email and phone calls are always available.

Every evening, you'll receive a visit summary for each patient of yours seen that day. Invoices are sent throughout the week and we will use the payment information provided on your rescue information form unless other wise requested. 

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