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Feral Cats

Sleeping Cat

We offer to spay and neuter feral cats at a reduced rate than the usual spay or neuter. This is qualified as a "Trap, neuter (or spay) and release" or TNR for short. This is an option for rescue groups that are under us with 501c3 proof, and individuals who seek to help feral cats in their community. 

For individual people wanting to utilize the TNR system, we can not accept individuals without a voucher from FWCAC Kitty Clip program or Operation Catnip, which you can find here.  If you plan to bring us a feral cat with the Operation Catnip voucher, please give us a call and we can set up an appointment for you. Kitty clip voucher holders can set up an appointment through our online booking system here.

For rescues wanting to bring in feral cats, we can offer you the same pricing as we do with Operation Catnip, which is $70.00 for a spay/neuter, Rabies, FVRCP, and ear tip. 

When bringing in feral cat(s), be sure they are in a proper cat trap, or else we will NOT accept the cats for their surgeries. No carriers or crates. They need to be in a certified cat trap in order for us to accept them as a feral and do their spays or neuters.


Bringing feral cats not in a trap poses a risk to our employees, because feral cats do not have vaccines and are normally fearful and/or aggressive towards humans. 

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